Anxious about getting checked?

Image featuring man with his head in his hands

You noticed it for the first time on Tuesday. You got ready for the day ahead and thought nothing more of it. But you can’t stop thinking about it. Your tight jeans are irritating it, that blasted thing. It becomes an it. What is it?

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You have an STD – Now what?

man waitingOne word, 3 letters, STD. A word you probably don’t want to be associated with anytime soon. It may be a word that everyone dreads hearing, but most people will be affected by a sexual transmitted disease at least once in their lifetime.

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The Chap’s STI Myth Quiz



On my travels I have noticed that some of you Tallywhacker Wielders out there have got things a bit arse backwards when it comes to the facts about STIs so I want to do a little True or False game so you won’t seem like such a ruddy fool next time there is a question about STIs at your pub quiz or whatever.

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Some News That Will Make You Wrap Your Chap

If you’re feeling blue this week and you happen to find a lady or a chap to help you make the metaphorical ‘beast with two backs’, colloquially known as S-E-X, make sure you wear a prophylactic, colloquially known as a ‘Rubber Johnny’ A.K.A. a condom. I have heard some disturbing noises coming from the King’s Fund. No, not those types of noises, you mucky young pup.

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