The ABC of Most Common STDs

STD letters in wooden blocks, with pills on the side

ABC…it’s easy as STD…! It really is. Contracting an STD is much easier than you think. Just one night of passion between the sheets between you and someone without protection can leave you with an unwelcome bodily guest in the form of the STDs below.

Take a look at the most common STDs doing the rounds below.

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How To Have Safe Sex This Christmas

Erotic couple in christmas costumes

Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time of year. But, it’s also a time when we let our hair down, perhaps drinking a little more than usual. 

Surprise, surprise, this can affect our judgement. Poor judgment comes in the form of unprotected sex, which can often lead to a Christmas STI – the last thing you’ll want to unwrap during the festive season. 

Protect your chap, your general health, and your mental well-being this Christmas. Here’s my Christmas gift to you – STI Christmas advice 101 coming right up. 

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